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Response for 11/01: Who Are You Doing This For?

(I am by necessity writing this before Andrew and I have had a chance to plan the discussion questions for class, so I will come back to add them later in the week.) In reading for this week’s class, I … Continue reading

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Responses for 10/25

This weeks’ readings revolved around Franco Moretti’s Graphs, Maps, Trees. In this series of articles (which also exist as a book), Moretti argues for a comparative literature based on “distant reading.” For Moretti, this amounts to studying large chunks of … Continue reading

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Historical Detail and Process in Railroad Games

In his chapter “Simulation, History and Computer Games,” media scholar William Uricchio posits a continuum on which “historical games” can be placed: at one end are games addressing specific historical events, and on the other are games that model historical … Continue reading

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Reading response 10/11: On Theory and Creation

This week I want to respond primarily to some of the comments Cecire’s introduction to the Winter 2011 issue of the Journal of Digital Humanities and the role of theory in the digital humanities. Cecire quotes Bauer in saying that … Continue reading

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Reading Responses 10/04

For this week’s post I’m going to take a cue from Foucault and look at the evolution of a single term: security. In his chapter “Governmentality,” Foucault examines the evolution of the idea of the art of government, focusing his … Continue reading

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