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Reading response 10/11: On Theory and Creation

This week I want to respond primarily to some of the comments Cecire’s introduction to the Winter 2011 issue of the Journal of Digital Humanities and the role of theory in the digital humanities. Cecire quotes Bauer in saying that … Continue reading

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Reading Responses 9/27

What does it mean to write history in the digital medium? How can and should historians go about publishing their work digitally? The readings this week look at these questions from two different angles: the creation of digital “journal articles,” … Continue reading

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On Digital Media and Meaning, 9/20

How do new media artifacts create meaning? Or alternatively, how do the people interacting with them ascribe meaning to them? In “Persuasive Games: The Proceduralist Style” Bogost applies his theories of procedural rhetoric to several “art games.” His general theory … Continue reading

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Reading Responses 9/13

This week’s readings covered two broad topics concerning digital history, and so I will respond to each in turn. First and most interesting was the piece in the Journal of American History (link), wherein various scholars who work on and … Continue reading

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